Thursday 7 - 9 pm PDT

Live on Zoom

(in-person option to be announced when available)

Classes are held weekly EXCEPT the following dates:

  • May 12 class is moved to Tuesday, May 10
  • July 21 class is moved Wednesday, July 20
  • No classes on August 18 and August 25 -- pause and integrate!


* Note: In May - August, Level 1 (7-7:55pm PDT) class overlaps with Introduction to Chen Taijiquan.

[7 - 7:55 pm PDT] Level 1: Wuji & Energy Development

Guided practices on Wuji Qigong and foundational energy development training, including:

  • Taiji Cloud Hands / Silk Reeling Exercises (雲手 / 纏絲功)
  • Taiji Four Cardinal Energy Drills (四正手法)
  • paired work (not Pushhands)
  • other standing or qigong exercises
[8 - 9 pm PDT] Level 2: Advanced Topics

Prerequisite: at least one year of studies in Chen Style Taijiquan.

Each month we will work on a different topic related to the classic Chen Taiji forms. Below is a sample list of potential topics that are subject to change depending on student interests and requests:

  • Challenging postures in Laojia Yilu (LJYL): balance and pivots
  • The three kinds of Dantian rotation in LJYL
  • Building blocks of Jian (Straight Sword) set
  • How to practice (for) Pushhands by yourself


Level 1 (first hour only: 7-7:55pm PDT):

Open to all; no prerequisite

  • $40/month
Level 2 (second hour only: 8-9pm PDT):

Prerequisite: one year of studies in Chen Taijiquan, or instructor's consent

  • $40/month
All Levels (two hours: 7-9pm PDT):

Prerequisite: one year of studies in Chen Taijiquan, or instructor's consent

  • $60/month

Sign Up for May Sessions

May 5, 10*, 19 & 26, 2022 | 7 - 9pm PDT

* May 10 is a Tuesday (there won't be class on May 12; the full session on May 10 will be recorded)

Use coupon code EARLYBIRD to save $5 when you register before May 1.

If you've registered for Introduction to Chen Style Taijiquan and want to add Level 2 of TWT (8-9pm PDT), select the second option below (prerequisite still applys).