May Theme: Pivots in Cloud Hands and Laojia Yilu

There are two key issues in pivots: axis and balance.

What I call pivots in Taiji include stationary pivots -- turning the upper body separately from the lower body, and dynamic pivots -- turning the entire body in place or as you take a step.

In May, we work on pivots in Taiji movements:

  • In Level 1 class, we will continue to build on the Four Energies drill, adding pivots as we step, and introducing other Cloud Hand patterns to practice pivots.
  • In Level 2 class, we will continue to refine Laojia Yilu by working on elements of pivot in various postures. Homework for those of you in this class: What postures include pivots? Why are the different types of pivots? Which pivots, and what in those, feel challenging for you?

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