About this course

This course is designed both as an introduction to Taiji for beginners, and as an review and advanced training for students who have been practicing Chen Style Taijiquan for some time.

Each month we will work on one theme related to the Taiji forms. Each week's two hours are structured as below:

7 - 7:55 pm PDT : Wuji & Energy Development (ALL LEVELS)

Guided practices on Wuji Qigong and foundational energy development training, including (not in one session or one month):

  • Taiji Cloud Hands / Silk Reeling Exercises (雲手 / 纏絲功)
  • Taiji Four Cardinal Energy Drills (四正手法)
  • paired work (not Pushhands)
  • other standing or qigong exercises
8 - 9 pm PDT : Advanced Topics (INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED)

Prerequisite: at least one year of studies in Chen Style Taijiquan.

Below is a sample list of potential topics that are subject to change depending on student interests and requests:

  • Challenging postures in Laojia Yilu (LJYL): balance and pivots
  • The three kinds of Dantian rotation in LJYL
  • Building blocks of Jian (Straight Sword) set
  • How to practice (for) Pushhands by yourself

Monthly themes will be posted in the Curriculum section.

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