Thursday Meditation & Chat 2021-2022 : Weekly Email Archive

Thursday Meditation & Chat (TMC) started around Chinese New Year in February 2021, after I took some time off of Taiji Teaching during the pandemic. The gathering was initially intended as an one-off informal chat for needs assessment among a core group of Taiji students (those had taken in-person classes and workshops with me in the two years prior to the pandemic), and somehow we kept it going on a weekly basis for over a year. We typically spend the first half hour on Wuji Standing, and the rest of the half hour (often longer) reflecting on our practices, or trying out small doses of practices, some of which (seemingly) unrelated to Taiji or Qigong.

To this group I send a weekly reminder email, which overtime became a collection of quotes, book recommendations, meditation guides, poems, ... and (the latest addition) recipes! Many of these were reflected upon among the small group who participate weekly. And once in a while I hear from others on the email list how much they've enjoyed getting these weekly doses of resources - I see them as a two-way means for connection and resilience in these times when separation permeates our lives. I'm now putting these emails out here in their raw form in case others find them useful.

(Note: Emails that were just reminders or announcements are not included here.)

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