July theme: be relaxed

In the five classes in July and August, we will be focusing on being relaxed: 鬆 (song) or 放鬆 (fang song). Here we are not talking about feeling relaxed AFTER doing tai chi, but rather, how to be relaxed in mind and body WHILE doing tai chi and, hopefully, be able to carry that quality or state into other things we do that usually cause tension (you know what they are for you!).

In Level 1, we will continue to focus on the physical structure or alignment that promotes the best relaxed state in the body, whether in stillness or in movement. We will also explore what relaxation in mind means and feels like.

In Level 2, we will integrating the earlier topics (pause/rhythm, pivot, open-close) while practicing being relaxed in the Lao Jia Yi Lu form - physically and mentally. We also explore how to be more relaxed and how that affects the fast and hard moves. Here the practice is about finer noticing and self-adjustment. And if we have extra time, we will explore a related, powerful practice - intention and extension.

Oh what fun lies ahead!

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