Privacy Policy

Last updated March 28, 2021

This document is part of Moving Stillness Embodiment Studio's Terms of Use.

Teachable collects your personal information (“Student Data”) when you sign up for an account and shares the following with its Creators (school/course owners) upon a purchase by or enrollment of a Student in the Creator's Content: 

1) Account information, including your name and email address

2) Purchase information, including amount paid, your address, and other billing information (but never your complete card number, which Teachable does not collect)

3) IP address

4) Information about your participation in the Creator Content, including the Creator Content you enrolled in, lecture completion status, course progress, quiz results, and certificates

5) Any messages you exchange with the Creator through Teachable.

Additional personal information may be collected in courses and coaching services on the Site only as necessary to facilitate learning and support. 

Your personal information such as name and email address will be used for communications regarding courses, coaching services and related communications such as newsletter and announcements. 

Your personal information will NEVER be shared with any third party. 

For additional information regarding collection and use of personal information, please review Teachable’s Privacy Policy.