Level 1: Back to Relaxation!

In July, we will be going back to the basics: relaxation.

Relaxation is the single most important foundation of taijiquan, because when relaxed, in body and mind, we are able to be softer and more open, able to feel and connect to our dantian more, able to be more responsive, faster, and stronger.

How to become more relaxed, however, is a long process of practice and learning. At the recent workshops taught by Master Chen Bing, we practiced the set of Fang Song Gong * (Relaxation Exercises) that he developed during each half-day sessions. These movements may seem overly simple and overly slow, but they are effective and go deep. I will be adopting some of these in our Level 1 classes. Come try it and feel for yourself!

* Chinese speakers can learn and follow Master Chen Bing's Fang Song Gong on youtube: https://youtu.be/6sxkBv8eOvo.

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