September theme: Congruity 合 (Part 1)

In the fall series - September through November - we work on the key principle of congruity (合) in Taiji. You may have heard of this before in the following contexts:

  • 整合: Integrated and Congruous -- describing the holistic feeling of whole-body movement.
  • 外三合: The Three External Congruities (often translated as the three external 'harmonies') -- describing the synchrony in the alignment and movement of the limbs: shoulder and kua, elbow and knee, hand and foot.
  • 内三合: The Three Internal Congruities -- heart/mind (心) and intention (意), intention and qi (气), qi and force (力).

In this series, we will explore what congruity means, its various aspects (techniques, sensations, expressions and manifestations), and ways to embody this essential principle of Taijiquan. It is quite a lot, so we will cover it in all three months, weaving in some of the earlier themes you've worked on and letting those fructify.

Classes will be structured loosely in the following format:

Level 1 (7-7:55 pm PT) : Standing and moving drills. In addition to Wuji, we will cover Zhongding Zhuang (中定桩), a standing exercise taught by GM Chen Xiaowang. Note: This season, we will spend less time in standing and more time in moving drills such as Cloud Hands, Eight Energies, and other moving qigong exercises.

Level 2 (8-9 pm PT) : This will continue to be the hour to refine Lao Jia Yi Lu in the following ways -- 1) improving on challenging moves; 2) implementing principles covered in previous and current classes; 3) transferring what you've learned to embody in LJYL to other forms and exercises such as pushhands -- this will not be the main focus but more as opportunities present themselves.

Let's have fun!

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