Wisdom is the amount of world I can include in the way I live.

-- Thomas Hübl


Somatic Bodywork

Somatic bodywork promotes relaxation, clarity, increased energy flow and ultimately, holistic health - being in harmony with the world and with ourselves, and being able to let more of the world in and more of us to be expressed.

Somatic bodywork is not massage, but a way to shift the self and spirit by working through the body. Unlike massage which focuses on physical stress, somatic bodywork helps the client process what's present and release the tension held in their tissues often as a result of unhealed experiences. During and after a somatic bodywork session, clients often report insights, increased sense of peace, awareness, aliveness, kindness, and/or capacity for taking new actions.

As a somatic bodywork practitioner, I partner with the client to achieve these benefits. In a typical session, the client lies on a massage table with clothes on, and I would use touch or pressure on the client's body to facilitate energy flow. The client is often invited to certain breath patterns or movements, and to share what they notice in terms of physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, images or intuitions -- all aspects of their being.

I received somatic bodywork and coach training from the Strozzi Institute. The lineage of Strozzi bodywork includes Polarity Therapy, Feldenkais, Rolfing, along with other somatic approaches. My energy work background also includes practicing and teaching Tai Chi for over a decade. While my primary work is somatic coaching for personal transformation (usually a 6-month or longer engagement of in-depth work) - I also offer individual somatic bodywork sessions at a discounted rate to make this effective health-building modality more available and accessible.


"Yan's depth and quality of presence is transformative. I have left each of our bodywork sessions with a sense of deeper clarity and alignment."

-- Annalisa Jackson, somatic coach at Collective Flourishing

"I enjoyed my bodywork sessions with Yan. Her calm demeanor and care and attention to my needs at every step of the way was welcoming and appreciated. I especially noted that as Yan was working on my body I experienced a new found feeling in certain areas and was able to let go of whatever was stuck in those areas. The release gave me greater access to my wholeness. I recall feeling as if I had a new body and put on a new pair of shoes!"

-- Nadine Watson, DSL, PCC, Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach

"Bodywork with Yan has felt deeply spiritual. Her presence and energy is palpable, allowing me to come as I am and just be on the table."

-- E.M., Program Manager


Bodywork services are on a pause through February 2023. Updates to come in March 2023.

In-person bodywork sessions are available in three locations:

  • Mondays in Sunnyvale, CA 94085
  • Wednesdays in San Jose, CA 95125
  • Fridays in Berkeley, CA 94709

I am currently only accepting clients who are fully COVID-vaccinated; proof of vaccination will be required prior to your first in-person session.


My rate is $100 per 75-minute session.

Payment is due before or at the start of the session. I accept PayPal, Zelle, cash or check.

I reserve a few sliding-scale slots for folks with limited resources - please ask during our initial consultation call.


If you are new to somatic bodywork, it is recommend to try a 3-session package first. The rate is the same, but the first session will be 90 minutes.

New clients are required to sign an agreement and fill out a brief intake form before booking the first session.

If you are unsure about whether somatic bodywork is the right service for you, I offer new clients a free 30-minute consultation session. You can book the free consultation by clicking the button below that says "Will somatic bodywork benefit me?"