Where roads are made I lose my way.

In the wide water, in the blue sky there is no line of a track.

The pathway is hidden by the birds’ wings, by the star-fires, by the flowers of the wayfaring seasons.

And I ask my heart if its blood carries the wisdom of the unseen way.

-- Rabindranath Tagore


Somatic Coaching

for Personal and Leadership Transformation

Is this you?

➢ Your work is calling for new skills or a higher capacity 

➢ You are at a transition point in your life and feel disoriented, unsure of your own identity

➢ You are at an intersection of cultures and feel pulled in different directions

➢ You want to have more depthful and mutual relationships

➢ You want to reach your full potential (or even identify it) 

➢ You want to finally! start doing the things you love

And, does the following strike a chord with you?

✧ You are open to trying new practices in order to embody a new way of being

✧ You are interested in deepening your awareness of self and others

✧ You have a desire to connect with your purpose and inner wisdom 

✧ You regard change and adaptation as part of life 

✧ You know the feelings of fear and courage

✧ You like having a “sherpa” on a difficult and rewarding journey

If any of the above sounds like you, I believe you can benefit from somatic coaching, and I’d be delighted to start a conversation with you!

What is somatic coaching?

Coaching is supportive, deeply personal and tuned to the client's goals. Somatic coaching is particularly effective in facilitating transformation in both personal and professional areas. Through tuning into bodily sensations and moods, the client builds awareness of how and when their old shaping shows up that doesn’t serve their declared values or goals. When the old shaping is released from the body and mind, new possibilities and choices can be seen. Through somatic practices (for example, making requests, drawing boundaries, wholehearted and whole-bodied commitments), the client turns new possibilities into new actions they can take even under the same old pressure -- we call this transformation, or lasting change.   

Somatic coaching is not therapy, but can be healing. In fact, healing is often necessary on the path to fulfilling greater potential. What limits our actions and choices include both large social forces that we cannot change immediately or by ourselves, and marks left from unhealed past experiences that can be attended to directly (and gently) at the individual level, with the help of an empathetic and skillful witness. In somatic coaching, we draw on your body’s innate capacity for adaptation and renewal to release long held patterns and to generate new actions and new possibilities. This approach - embodiment - is grounded in ancient wisdom traditions and supported by contemporary discoveries in neurosciences.

The somatic coaching methodology I trained in includes somatic bodywork, a direct and effective way to promotes relaxation, clarity, increased energy flow and aliveness in the body and spirit. Somatic bodywork helps the client release habitual contractions in the body so they can let more of the world in and more of themselves be expressed.

Working with me

I am a Strozzi Institute certified somatic coach, with extensive experience in social sciences (academic and applied sociology) and movement art (primarily Tai Chi and Qigong, with a smattering of yoga and Argentine tango) (see more about me). I work well with folks with cross-cultural backgrounds of many shapes and forms. I am energized when working with people who strive for adaptation and want to march forward holding both fear and courage.

Want to know more?

Simply click below to book a complimentary discovery call with me. I'd love to learn about what you're work on, where and how you could use support, and answer your questions about me, the coaching process and fees. This is where we mutually assess our fit. We can then work out an agreement to get started, or if we turn out not to be a good match, I can refer you to other resource to the best of my knowledge.

Mentor Endorsement

Yan brings a depth of presence to the work she does. All the layers that she is are present in her coaching. She holds a warm spaciousness that is very generative for her clients. Yan is committed to rigor in a way that isn’t rigid – she really understands why a somatic practice is the way it is and knows how to hold the structure of a practice without it feeling like right-or-wrong. What also makes Yan a powerful coach to work with is how committed she is to her own growth and her own healing – she does what she’s going to invite other people to do and goes deep inside the work, which requires a lot of integrity and courage.

- Alejandra Silberman, Master Somatic Coach, Chile

What Clients Say...

"transformational ... an openness towards the future"

My experience with somatic coach Yan Li has been transformational. We just concluded a 12-session coaching engagement that was simply extraordinary. I am an executive coach myself, and sought out Yan in order to overcome some longstanding eating habits related to stress. She led me on a path that uncovered deeper roots of these habits. This new awareness was profound. I felt safe and centered. The unhealthy habits I couldn't shed for many years are now history, and I feel an openness towards the future. The tools and affirmations I gained from this experience continue to nurture a higher quality of life and my inner peace. I am grateful to Yan's brilliant talent as a coach.  

-- RS, Executive Coach

"a magical and rewarding journey"

Yan’s 10 sessions of somatic coaching has been a magical and rewarding journey. It helped me with my career shift, which had troubled me for the past ten years. I am passionate about French pastry, but somehow, many things held me back from pursuing my dream. Yan helped me identify the obstacles and overcome the fears, through talking, somatic exercises and bodywork. During the five months of coaching, I started my home bakery business from scratch, and I am now confident to continue my career and life pursuit. Yan is a great listener. She is also very compassionate, creative and an excellent communicator.

-- Shushu X., French Pastry Chef