Dates and Time

May 5 - August 11, 2022 : Thursday, 6 - 8pm PDT


Tuesday, May 10 (instead of May 12), 6-8pm PDT

Wednesday, July 20 (instead of July 21), 6-8pm PDT


Virtual: zoom (link available upon registration)

Note: In-person option for this course is pending until further notice.


The objectives of this 15-week, 30-hour course are two-fold:

1. It introduces you to Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan, or Tai Chi) fundamentals that are applicable to all styles:

  • body alignment (身法),
  • stepping, or footwork (步法),
  • hand maneuvers, or Silk Reeling Exercises (手法),
  • relaxation (放鬆) and
  • whole-body movement with Dantian as the center (以丹田為核心的整體運動)

2. To practice integrating the above principles in a coherent sequence of variable movements, you will also learn the beginning section (first 3'27" of this clip) of Chen Style Taijiquan Old Frame First Routine (Laojia Yilu 老架一路), one of the oldest forms of Taijiquan.

In addition, this course introduces the concepts and practices of mindfulness and incorporates theories and evidence from neuroscience and clinical research on the benefits of Taijiquan for holistic wellness and healing.

Through the course of the 15 weeks, you will learn AND PRACTICE:

  • building blocks of Tai Chi movements, including stepping and arm circles
  • how to move efficiently and injury-free by engaging the center along with the whole body
  • a 3-minute Tai Chi routine that you can keep practicing yourself and perform for others
  • deeper relaxation and mindfulness for physical and mental wellness


This is a 15-week course offered through the California University - Silicon Valley (CUSV), as part of its accredited Masters of TCM Curriculum.

  • Students who wish to obtain course credit in TCM should register directly with CUSV Academic Office for course number OM-114. Requirements for course credit include active class participation and passing grades on exams and homework assignments.
  • Students who do not need to obtain course credit may register on this site.

Class Structure

6-7pm : Warmup; New materials (including Laojia Yilu)

7-8pm : Wuji qigong; foundation exercises; reps

Note: For this hour, you will be joined by students in the Thursday Wuji & Taiji course.

What graduates are saying:

"This is the most fun Taiji course I've ever taken, I think because you teach by paying a lot of attention to the details, and to meeting the students where we are. In this class, Taiji feels like a fascination that is drawing me in making me want to learn more. ... What I love in this course is how you start with the basic detail of each movement, and how to build on that but always keep attention on the basic aspect of it; and also teach us how to pay attention to the feeling of it (the frame, the weight, change, etc)."

"The course helps me to learn the basics of the form in a new perspective. I have noticed many things different from what I did before, such as Qin Na, Dan Bian and lots of connecting movements in between the postures. It helps me with self correcting."

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a prerequisite or minimum requirement in taking this course?

This course does not require any prior experience in Tai Chi or Qigong, or other movement art. We start from the very beginning. The only things you need are: a willingness to start, a sense of curiosity, and the ability to practice. :)

How much space is required when I take this course indoors?

A flat space of 2ft deep (front to back) by 6ft wide (left to right) in front of your screen would be best.

What's the time commitment for this course?

If you are new to Tai Chi, You should plan about 1-2 hours of self practice per week outside of class time. This estimate is of course highly variable and depends on your background and experience in body movement arts.

Will the classes be recorded for later viewing?

No, the classes will not be recorded. However, you may purchase the self-paced version of this course which comes with lifetime access to recordings of the same materials from the previous year. You will see this option (at a 50% discount) on the checkout page when you register for this course.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is specified in our Terms of Use (III): "Per Teachable’s Terms of Use, all Students purchasing courses or course bundles at Moving Stillness through the Teachable gateway are entitled to a thirty (30) day refund from the date of purchase. Once a refund is processed, you will no longer be enrolled in that course and your access to the course materials will be removed."

I'm recovering from a health condition and heard Tai Chi could help; is this the right course to start?

It is best to consult your physician or healthcare provider. In general, if you have a condition (e.g., a knee/foot/hip injury) that prevents your lower body from bearing weight for a sustained period of time, it's best to let the injury heal first. While some health conditions can be improved through Taijiquan (Tai Chi), timing can be a factor to consider. I'm happy to chat to make sure this course is suitable for you before you enroll.

15 weeks seems long, is there a shorter Intro to Taijiquan course, an "intro to intro" perhaps?

Yes. Try either the 4-week Wuji Qigong course or the 7-week Tai Chi Cloud Hands course. They cover different aspects of Taijiquan foundations and all three courses are complementary to each other.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

You can email Yan at [email protected]